The firm fully masters this subject where it acts for managers of real estate assets for individuals, landlords and tenants of commercial premises.

Commercial, business, civil and residential leases :

  • Advice, negotiation and drawing up of commercial, business, civil and residential leases, precarious occupation agreements and short-term leases;
  • Advice and drawing up of notice and applications for renewal of leases;
  • Implementation and monitoring of disputes relating to the proper execution of leases (commissions, cancellation clause, judicial annulment, expulsion …);
  • Implementation and monitoring of procedures for judicial control of rent review or renewal (triennial review, uncapping rents, lease renewal rent) and eviction and occupation indemnities;
  • Implementation and monitoring despecialization procedures;
  • Status of application (reclassification of lease, sub-letting …);
  • Notice with offer of renewal, refusal to renew, compensation …
  • • Goodwill and leasehold: Advice, negotiation and drawing up of deeds of acquisition or disposal of goodwill or leasehold- Management of formalities.