“Adoption” is an institution through which a person, minor or major called the “adopted” enters into the family of another person, called the “adopter” (or “adopters” when the adoption is done by a married couple).

The French law recognizes two types of adoption:

“Simple” adoption where the adoptive family lives with a blood relation. However, the child will benefit from the fallouts associated with the new child-parent relation.
This type of adoption does not take away the rights of the child from his original parents, and he is still a rightful heir of his biological parents.

“Full” adoption permanently replaces a child’s family of origin with a new family, creating a new binding child-parent relationship .

The Adoption is Delivered by the Tribunal de Grande Instance, legal representation is mandatory. CABINET DELAGE-CRESPIN AVOCATS assists clients throughout the process and together with them constitute a file which conforms to legal requirements.