Criminal law

DELAGE-CRESPIN AVOCATS Law Firm intervenes in Criminal matters, assists and defends alleged offenders or victims, natural or legal persons. The firm strives to prove the innocence of its clients or mitigate their liability, or otherwise ensure that they obtain redress.

Alongside common law offences (fraud, embezzlement, concealment, abuse of social goods etc.) DELAGE-CRESPIN AVOCATS Law firm particularly deals with offences specific to the following business sectors:

  • Penal Law of distribution and consumption:
  • Assistance and representation of clients charged with violations of the Code of consumption (advertising, price, regulated sales etc.)
  • Corporate penal law ;
  • Labour penal law;
  • Town planning penal law;
  • Press Law;
  • Customs offences;
  • Trademark Law (counterfeit etc.);
  • Road safety Penal Law;