Commercial property


The DELAGE-CRESPIN Avocats Law firm has acquired huge experience in all operations related to various transactions on commercial property.

This experience has been built over years of practice in this area and through the perfect knowledge of the economic activities of its various clients (HCR-Textiles-Clubs Fitness-Services …) and the local economy in which DELAGE-CRESPIN Avocats law firm is deeply rooted.

The action of commercial property transfer is regulated as valid by substantive and procedural rules. But beyond compliance with these substantive rules that every Lawyer who is a draftsman must respect, it is extremely important to draw the attention of clients and advise them on all the consequences involved in the acquisition or sale of commercial property especially with regard to social law, tax law, regulations specific to each activity, competition law, operation of licenses, authorizations to occupy public property, third parties rights etc.

It is in this context that the DELAGE-CRESPIN Avocats Law firm advises, assists and defends companies, merchants, craftsmen, liberal professions in the following areas:

  • Advice and assistance in evaluation of the commercial property and its components
  • Advice, negotiation of agreement to sell the commercial property
  • Drafting of acts of agreement to sell or of the definitive sale of commercial property
  • Advice, negotiation and drafting of contract for transfer of lease right and commercial leases
  • Advice, negotiation and drafting of management lease contract
  • Advice, negotiation and drafting of company asset sales contract
  • Establishment of publication and opposition formalities
  • Establishment of procedures for receiverships
  • Litigation on sale of commercial property
  • Litigation on transfer of lease right and commercial leases
  • Litigation on sale of company assets
  • Litigation in lease management