Commercial contracts

In commercial law, principle insists that the drawing up of a written contract is not mandatory; the contractual relationship exists from the time of the exchange of consent between the parties, and it can be indicted by any possible means.

In the absence of a contract, great problems may arise in the event of disagreement.

Very often, the parties are unaware of the principles that apply in the absence of contractual clauses.

For this reason, it is advisable to take the greatest care with the framework for business relationships through a written contract.

The DELAGE-CRESPIN LAW FIRM has litigation practice experience and knowledge of the problems which may arise during the execution of the disputes about commercial contracts.

This experience of litigation allows it to act to preserve the best interests of its clients both during the contract negotiation phase as well as in the drawing up and finalizing of contracts.

In this context, the DELAGE-CRESPIN LAW FIRM advises and assists its clients in all matters relating to commercial contracts, such as:

  • General conditions of sale or purchase
  • General conditions of sale and/or purchase for sale websites
  • Contracts of sale and the provision of services which are specific to each activity
  • Framework contracts for the provision of concession or distribution
  • Franchise agreements
  • Contracts between professionals and individuals

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