Business relations

Delage-Crespin Avocats Law firm, accustomed in handling business relations will together with you keenly study your file and choose the best strategies to defend yourself and best manage your business relationships:

In case of dispute or difficulty in business relations, Delage-Crespin Avocats Law Firm, helps you to find the most favourable solution to your economic activity no matter the problem encountered, particularly in the following areas:

  • Breach of contractual relationships. After reviewing the contract, the facts and documents, the conditions of the breach, the reasons of the breach and the consequences of the breach, the Firm advises and assists clients in its implementation, always prioritizing the negotiated solution over the judicial solution in order to best preserve the economic interests of its clients.
  • Renegotiation of contracts or its terms of implementation in the same spirit of strategic and economic approach, the Firm assists and advises its clients in all renegotiations that may be necessary
  • Anti-competitive practices,
  • Breakdown in negotiations
  • Debt Collection
  • Non-fulfilment of contractual obligations