The fees are established based on the difficulty of the case, the time spent handling the case, in hearings and the researches carried out. The Law Office does not work on a legal aid basis, except in exceptional cases. Several billing options may be considered.


The subscription contract makes it possible for the professionals to have ongoing assistance and counselling of the law firm DELAGE-CRESPIN AVOCATS whenever an opinion or assistance is needed. The cost of the subscription is defined on a case by case basis according to the needs of the professional.


The flat rate billing is proposed in particular in divorces by mutual consent proceedings.
But it may also be considered in other types of cases when the services are foreseeable or for repetitive cases for the same client which makes the volume of services foreseeable.


The most common billing method which generates requests for provisions according to the state of advancement of the case.


Professional rules in France forbid payment of Lawyers by fees for results alone. This method of billing is only permitted if a flat-rate fee is billed by the Lawyer. In this case a fee agreement is concluded which foresees a flat-rate fee to which a fees for results is added.

This billing option may in particular be considered in files of compensation of physical and material injuries, of debts recovery, however, the law firm can also accept to consider this billing option in other legal areas after the analysis of file.

Funds received by the lawyer

The lawyer may receive funds in its professional practice on behalf of his clients or on behalf of third parties; funds held must be mandatorily deposited to the Lawyer’s professional account with the Caisse de Règlement Pécuniaire des Avocats (Lawyers’ Pecuniary Payment Fund, called CARSAN in Nice) article 124 of the law of 25 July 1985 rendered the deposit of said funds in the CARPA mandatory.


Lawyers are subject to VAT once their Net of Tax earnings is greater than 27,000.00 €. The Vat rate is 20 % and is in addition to the fees billed. VAT is applicable to companies and merchants despite the action of the profession and organisations. It is currently applicable to private individuals as well.