Lawyers – Town planning law

Despite reforms introduced recently in this legal area, the town planning law is still extremely complex and this is experienced by all private or professional contractors who are stakeholders.

The Town planning law is defined in Article L 110 of the Town Planning Code as a set of rules and institutions established to obtain a spatial planning in line with the management objectives of public authorities.

The town planning law is governed by the Town Planning Code but also by a multitude of national and local legal and regulatory provisions.

DELAGE AVOCATS Law firm’s activity in Town planning law is mainly focused on building permits:

Assistance in preparing current Building Permit Applications with architects and the follow-up on the application

Disputes over Building Permits:

  • Appeals against decisions rejecting or refusing the issue of Building Permits
  • Appeals against suspension of decisions
  • Temporary suspension of the implementation of the Permit
  • Defence before the Criminal Courts in the event of criminal proceedings.